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Prelimary Diagnosis & Advanced Troubleshooting

Key Features

  • Our tool offers a preliminary diagnosis by analyzing the car’s make and model, reported symptoms, and known issues associated with the vehicle.

  • Leveraging a comprehensive database compiled from decades of data from car forums, OEM manuals, and repair guides, we accurately pinpoint probable causes of your car’s problems and help you troubleshoot possible causes

  • We are also excited to announce the development of a fully operational version of our tool. This enhanced version will include wiring diagrams and support for uploading audio and images during the diagnostic process, among other innovative features.

  • Our goal is to provide you with a more interactive and detailed diagnostic experience. Please share your feedback with us by clicking contact us at the bottom.

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"I was pretty skeptical of this. Didn’t think AI would be able to help out at all. Gave it a try and it told me exactly what to do. My problem is my R6 isn’t revving out consistently, sometimes it redlines, sometimes it gets choked up. AI told me to try cleaning the carbs and jets first before replacing anything in the fuel system or doing spark plugs. Super handy, as I also asked Reddit and was told the same thing. Will definitely be keeping this link, very handy tool."

Date: 02/11/2024

This is a great example of a well working AI chatbot. This is not one that screws up when it doesn't understand prompts, nor is it one that repeatedly gives the same answers because the prompts were a bit similar. I loved it's intuitive nature. Suggestions were super clear, and comprehensive. It has given me a lot of stuff to think about and a fairly good understanding regarding my car. Hell, I even bothered it with dumb customer questions like repair costs and products, but the suggestions I got were clear as day. I cannot say enough good things. Using this tool made me happy, that's all I can say, and I think this one sentence covers everything any reader needs to know about it. Huge props to the creator, you have done a very fine job, and you should be proud. Wishing you major success and the best of luck, thank you for this tool.

Date: 02/10/2024

The Ai is fast and straightforward, it can give you a different probable solution with your car without browsing hundreds of forums, it will help with people like me with no knowledge about cars to mention for your next visit to the mechanic.”

Date: 02/11/2024

used this to help with my car problem. It gave me some good suggestions about how to test my issue. Even gave links to buy what I need. Pretty cool. Thanks for making this tool.

Date: 02/09/2024

I just tested it on an issue with a very obscure vehicle (75 Pinz). I have to say I didn't think the suggestion it made was going to make a difference and was shocked when my vehicle started right up. Really helpful tool esp at that awkward level where you have some vehicle knowledge but don't know all the right troubleshooting steps to keep moving forward..”

Date: 02/17/2024

Used it and worked great after narrowing down the issue it gave me an idea that was not even on my radar. After I replaced it my car started up just like new! Great service thank you for your time.

Date: 02/17/2024

This is a great tool, and great use of A.I. Super excited to see where this goes. I was able to get the answers I needed about my 2009 Toyota Matrix I recommend anyone looking for an investment opportunity to invest in this product.

Date: 02/19/2024

I just tested it on an issue I’m going to a mechanic for tomorrow. FWIW, your product said exactly what the mechanic told me from my description over the phone. And now I have a screenshot from the chat so I can educate myself a bit more and understand what they find tomorrow. I’d really like to have access to this product - would help me build up a good description for shop before I actually contact them.

Date: 01/04/2024

Our free tool is designed to help you quickly and easily diagnose issues with your car, even if you have limited knowledge about vehicles.

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